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VulnIQ Premium

Your own private VulnIQ vulnerability intelligence platform, either as a fully managed service or self-hosted with professional support.

Only for USD 2,000/month! No user or usage limits or complex licensing traps!*

Managed Service

Just use VulnIQ as a managed private service if you don't want to deal with managing the platform yourself. We will take care of everything for you!

Self Hosting

Self hosting your VulnIQ instance will give you more control over your data and platform.
Installation is completely automated utilizing Docker and we will help you if needed!
Start Saving Immediately! VulnIQ will help your business save money by making your security and IT teams more efficient.
Let's assume:
  • You have 20 personnel working on security issues (system administraotrs, SOC teams, developers, the security team etc), costing USD 100,000/year on average.
  • Each employee wastes only 15 minutes per day trying to reach accurate information
15 minutes per 8 hr business day = 3.125% of business hours daily
3.125% per employee * 100,000    = 3,125  lost per year
20 employees        *   3,125    = 62,500 per year
VulnIQ premium cost per year     = 24,000
                           Saved = 38,500 per year
Low total cost of ownership, many use cases
  • Even without taking into account other benefits, just saving your employees from Googling for information will create a significant difference.
  • Employees cost more than anything else and have more impact on the success of your cyber security processes more than anything else.
  • Give them the information, help them save time. Make them more efficient.
  • Integrate with existing systems, processes using VulnIQ APIs.
  • Add automation to your manual processes using VulnIQ APIs.
*: Default rates apply to customers that will be using VulnIQ internally only. Special rates may apply to customers that want to use VulnIQ to enhance their services which they provide to third parties, e.g service providers using VulnIQ to enhance their offering (does not include consulting services).
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By using this web site and/or APIs you are agreeing to VulnIQ terms and conditions!
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